elieving that artistic success is built upon solid training, strong academics, and diverse perspectives from the global culture, the Center for the Arts provides a world-class four-year program in the fine and performing arts that prepares young talent for ambitious post-secondary study and career achievement. 

Within a comprehensive academic curriculum, the Center offers concentrated study in dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts, including many courses at the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate levels.  Students receive individual and small group instruction in theory and fundamentals, and develop performance skills in a variety of solo and ensemble experiences.  Classes, performing groups, and competition opportunities are offered in these areas:  studio art (comprehensive); concert, jazz & marching bands; orchestra & chamber music; chorus & voice; guitar; piano; theatrical plays and musicals; drama tech; and dance (ballet to hip-hop).

The Center for the Arts focuses on developing each student’s abilities and creativity for effective public expression of his or her talent. Cross-disciplinary, collaborative student projects stimulate artistic problem solving and creative growth. The use of professional equipment and recording software transforms our classrooms into real-world labs. Studio workshops, master classes, and performances by guest artists are promoted throughout the curriculum.  Learning is further enhanced through special visits to stages and galleries in the Atlanta area, and on exclusive study-travel tours to New York and Europe.

For 35 years, the Center for the Arts has represented excellence in arts education.  All NAHS students are welcome to participate in our program.


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